"I joined Claire's fitness class in February 2011. I had been diagnosed with type two diabetes, and knew that it was important to slim down to improve my health.
When I met Claire she was so enthusiastic and supportive I knew that I would not be facing losing weight on my own. She did not give me an ideal weight target but suggested that I try one stone at a time, which made the task less daunting. Every week Claire gave me encouragement and support all through the next eleven months until I achieved a weight loss of 4 and a half stone.
Claire is a qualified fitness instructor and turns up to each of her classes smiling and enthusiastic and treating each of her members as very special and important people. The exercise classes are very important and help to keep your body fit and healthy during and after weight loss. I go along each week now because I enjoy the exercise.
Believe me, It is the best thing I have ever done joining Claire’s fitness class. Claire works so hard and I wish her success in everything she does."

Anne Evans, Four Oaks