"I first met Claire when I decided I needed to lose weight and get fit. With Claire's support and encouragement I managed to lose over 5 stone. Now four years later I have kept my weight off and am still continuing to go along to Claire's Fitness classes.
I really love going along to the Claire's Fitness as soon as you walk in you always receive a warm welcome from one of her admin team. From the vey first time I walked up to the scales, I was met with a warm friendly smile from Claire, which made me feel at ease straight away.
Every week after that I was always met with that same greeting and was always given lots of encouragement whether I'd had a good or bad week.
There are a wide variety of fitness classes to choose from that are suitable for all fitness levels as Claire goes to great lengths to stress that you work at your own pace and she shows you how you can make an exercise easier or more difficult to suit individual needs.
Claire Fitness classes are fun, friendly and we have a lot of laughs. The routines are great fun and set to some brilliant music. I have made many friends over the years and we all support each other.
Claire's enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge and personality are outstanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire to anyone who wants to improve their health,lifestyle, and fitness levels and for me most important of all has been the improvement in my self esteem."

Linda Harris,